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Business Activity | JEHDRA

Framework of Agency Business Activity

 The objectives of the Agency are to reduce the burden of the general public relating to expressways and to support the successful implementations of the expressway business by the Companies, by holding and leasing expressway assets related to expressways and repaying debts in reliable and swift manner.

 The Agency concludes agreements with each of the Companies; receives approval by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT); and formulates business implementation plans that include lease fees and a debt repayment plan.

 On the basis of this agreement, the Agency will fully repay the debts inherited from the public corporations and new debts accepted from the Companies within 45 years of the privatization of the four highway public corporations, with the lease fees paid by the six Companies. Upon full repayment of the debts, the expressways will be transferred to the respective road administrators. Until the handover of expressway management, the Agency will exercise statutory rights on the behalf of the respective road administrators.

Flow of Expressway Assets /
Debts between the Agency and Companies

・Expressway assets constructed by a Company shall be transferred to the Agency after the completion of construction, and at the same time, the debts borne by the Companies from construction shall be accepted by the Agency.

・The Companies pay the Agency the lease fees prescribed in their Agreement out of their income from tolls, excluding costs for expressway maintenance and management, and the Agency uses these funds to repay debts.

Framework Chart